LNCT 2017 Hanoi Network-wide Meeting Resources

On December 12-15th, 2017 the second LNCT network-wide event was held at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam. Included here are the resources used and produced from the meeting.

Meeting Materials

Day 1 – Managing the Gavi Transition

Day 2 – Value of Investing in Immunization

Day 3 – Site Visit

Day 4 – Synthesis and Closing

  • Focused Exchange: Immunization in the move to UHC
  • Focused Exchange: Improving efficiency in vaccine choice and purchasing
  • Focused Exchange: Challenges in securing sustainable financing in highly natural resource dependent economies
    • Synthesis of LNCT Countries Economic data (Excel file)
    • Data on Natural Resources for LNCT countries (Excel file)
  • Focused Exchange: Legal regulatory frameworks for private providers
  • Focused Exchange: Vaccine Hesitancy

Other Materials

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