Gavi MICs Approach – Considerations on access to sustainable supply and affordable pricing

As part of the MICs Approach, Gavi offers a suite of catalytic tools to help drive the sustainable and equitable introduction of PCV, rotavirus, and HPV vaccines in both former and never Gavi-eligible countries, by addressing relevant barriers, including pricing. This support includes:

  • technical assistance focused on addressing country-specific needs through Gavi’s in-country partners, as well as technical assistance at global and regional levels to strengthen the enabling environment (e.g. behavioural insights and demand generation, decision-making and NITAG strengthening, disseminating market information, and support to financial sustainability, including development of National Immunisation Strategies (NIS);
  • flexible funding to cover one-off costs related to activities that are traditionally unfunded or challenging to fund (e.g. communications campaign);
  • vaccine catalytic financing to cover half of the first birth/target cohort (beyond this, procurement costs are covered by countries); and
  • facilitated access to UNICEF pooled procurement services, by contributing funding to the UNICEF MICs Financing Facility, which offers pre-financing and special contracting modalities, with capacity to manage larger transactions and multiyear contracting (most of which may not be possible or available when countries attempt to procure from manufacturers directly).

Beyond these specific interventions, Gavi-eligible MICs can also benefit from the Vaccine Alliance’s broader market shaping work and pooled procurement, to further drive access to sustainable supply and affordable pricing.

Learn more about leveraging Gavi support for market shaping and pooled procurement mechanisms to drive access to sustainable supply and affordable pricing on the Gavi website here.

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