UNICEF’s Strategic Vaccine Procurement e-course


Understanding the strategic vaccine procurement cycle, building blocks, tools and processes.


This e-course is designed for vaccine procurement professionals, regulators, immunisation finance managers, and others to gain the skills and knowledge required to develop and implement a strategic procurement approach and to strengthen government partners’ ability to achieve vaccine security within their national programmes and institutions.


UNICEF, in close collaboration with global partners, developed this e-learning course on vaccine procurement with a focus on the strategic vaccine procurement cycle and its processes. The course is intended to provide a background on key considerations for buyers on vaccine procurement to strengthen capacity to ensure sustainable access to and timely supply of affordable vaccines. Given the biological nature of vaccines, there are several distinct challenges that governments must consider. With further understanding of the vaccine development process, as well as an overview on manufacturing and markets, vaccine security – the sustainable access to affordable, quality assured vaccines – can be achieved.

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