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Welcome to the Linked Immunisation Action Network! We are a country-driven peer-to-peer learning network dedicated to supporting countries achieve greater sustainability, equity, and resilience within their national immunisation programmes. Our website aims to connect country immunisation practitioners and policymakers with the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to effectively mitigate reductions in immunisation coverage and drive the sustainable introduction of key missing vaccines. This Getting Started guide will help you understand how to navigate the website and access some of our most popular resources.

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Network Membership

The Linked Immunisation Action Network is a diverse community of immunisation practitioners, policymakers, donors, development partners, technical experts, and the network’s facilitation team. To find out more about our member countries and network facilitation team, please visit Who We Are.

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Top Resources to Get You Started

If you’re new to the Linked Immunisation Action Network website, we’ve put together the top resources to help you get started. Explore more in our resource library.

How to Navigate the Website

Resource Library
Our resource library is a searchable collection of documents, tools, and resources on achieving sustainable and equitable immunisation programmes. You can filter the resources by topic, type, or country.
Our blog offers timely insights, promising strategies, and key lessons learned from global experts and country practitioners on topics related to achieving sustainable and equitable immunisation programmes.
Community Forum
News & Events
Use the community discussion forum to connect with other country practitioners, partners, and technical experts. Post questions, suggestions, and share your experiences and challenges with the community.
Find the latest news related to achieving sustainable and equitable immunisation programmes as well as relevant upcoming events from the network and our partners. Here you can also view the archive of past member newsletter issues.

How to Use the Community Discussion Forum

Anyone can begin a new discussion topic or respond to existing topics on the community forum.

  • To start a new discussion: From the ‘Community Forum’ page, click the ‘Start a new discussion’ button on the right-hand side. Please make sure to include a thread title and tag any topics or countries directly related to your discussion question before clicking ‘Submit’.
  • To respond to an existing discussion: From the ‘Community Forum’ page, click the ‘Reply’ button on the topic you would like to engage in. Type your response in the text box and click ‘Submit’.

If you have any questions about how to access the website, sign up for our email list, or post on the community forum, reach out to Network Facilitators at