Linked Practitioner Perspective: Lessons from Uzbekistan on the Successful Introduction of HPV Vaccines

During our in-person learning engagement that brought together countries from the Europe-Central Asia region to discuss Immunisation Service Delivery through Primary Health Care (PHC) Platforms, Linked Network Facilitators sat down with a few immunisation experts to learn about recent successes of their national immunisation programmes. As part of this Practitioner Perspectives series, we hear from Dilorom Tursunova, Head of the Expanded Immunisation Programme, Uzbekistan, about the country’s successful introduction of the HPV vaccine. To prevent and mitigate misinformation, the government and its partners undertook a major proactive and multifaceted communication campaign. In this interview, Dilorom explains some of the barriers in the beginning of introduction, as well as strategies and lessons learned. The two video interviews were conducted in Russian and are accompanied by English sub-titles, which can be accessed by clicking on the closed caption (CC) button on the video below and then selecting “English” from the options.

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