LNCT Case Studies: Learning How to Create Empathy and Build Demand for Vaccines Among Vulnerable Groups

LNCT, in partnership with Common Thread, developed two video case studies on vaccine demand in Vietnam. The stories detail the immunization journeys of young mothers in the H’mong community of Yên Bái Province, Cha and Do, through short films to be used for health worker capacity building. Their stories, captured in their own words, show how community engagement strategies can be used effectively to create empathy and build demand for vaccines among vulnerable groups.

Facilitator’s Tools

If you plan to use the two films from Vietnam as training tools for health workers, we recommend using these facilitator’s tools to lead a learning session.

The facilitator’s guide is available in: English, French, Portuguese, and Russian. Accompanying the facilitator’s guide is a slidedeck to walk participants through the caregivers journey to vaccination and observations from the films. The slidedeck, which may be adapted, is currently available in: English.

Cha’s Story

Do’s Story

Video Launch Webinar

The case studies were launched during a webinar held on March 18th, 2021. During the video launch webinar, Common Thread walked participants through the two journeys, reflected on the strategies used in the H’mong community, and explored how the case studies can be used to build skills to generate demand for vaccines amongst ethnic minorities in other contexts. 

Session Recording:

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