Resource Round-up: Top 10 Most Popular Linked Resources from 2022

This resource round-up is available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.

Critical to immunisation programme performance is country capacity to identify and address risks to sustainable coverage and to sustainably introduce new vaccines. We compiled the top 10 most popular Linked-produced resources from last year to help you identify the strategies, good practices, and lessons learned that will lead to greater resilience, equity, and sustainability for your national immunisation programme. Learn more about transitioning from paper-based to electronic immunisation registry systems, increasing demand and coverage for vaccines, strengthening the delivery of immunisation services, and so much more below!

  1. Podcast: Overcoming Immunisation Workforce Challenges Due to COVID-19
    Globally, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the decreased availability of health care workers. These health care worker shortages have been a critical challenge faced by many countries, as they disrupted the delivery of routine immunisation services largely due to reassignment and reduction in bandwidth due to pandemic response activities and illness among the immunisation workforce. This podcast episode features a conversation with three global immunisation experts to discuss strategies and good practices that countries around the world employed to overcome or mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and the pandemic response on routine immunisation services.
  2. Linked Middle-Income Country Dashboards
    Linked middle-income country dashboards help countries track their progress toward strong immunisation programme performance using up-to-date evidence released annually from WHO/UNICEF Estimates of National Immunisation Coverage (WUENIC), WHO/UNICEF Joint Reporting Form on Immunisation (JRF), and other sources. We encourage you to explore the dashboards for all countries that have transitioned from Gavi support to learn about their coverage, equity, financing, and new vaccine introductions.
  3. Benefits and Implementation Considerations for Electronic Immunisation Registries (EIRs)
    Linked facilitated a virtual learning exchange for 10 countries in the Asia Pacific and Europe regions to gain a deeper understanding of electronic immunisation registries – including their benefits, implementation challenges, and country experiences. Country stakeholders can take some of the lessons learned from Australia, Bhutan, and Viet Nam to facilitate a smooth transition from paper-based to electronic systems in these materials and recordings from the exchange.
  4. Practitioner Perspective: Lessons from Moldova on the Use of Pharmacists to Increase Demand for COVID-19 Vaccinations
    In this Practitioner Perspectives video, we hear from Oxana Constantinova, Doctor Epidemiologist, Center for Public Health, Moldova, on the use of pharmacists to increase demand and coverage for COVID-19 vaccines and how to leverage that experience for routine immunisation. The video interview was conducted in Russian and is accompanied by English sub-titles.
  5. Catalog of Linked Resources Brief
    This catalog of resources captures lessons learned and good practices identified through Linked learning activities with topics ranging from increasing access to key missing vaccines, strengthening human resource capacity, and strengthening delivery of immunisation through PHC platforms, among others. Immunisation programmes and their development partners can draw upon these resources to work towards sustainable and equitable coverage.
  6. Practitioner Perspective: Sri Lanka’s Experience Mobilizing the Military Medical Services for COVID-19 Response
    The Ministry of Health (MoH) and Military Medical Services in Sri Lanka worked side-by-side to ensure health workers were able to continue providing routine immunisation and other primary health care services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In this Practitioner Perspectives interview with Col. Dr. Saveen Semage, former Deputy Director, Sri Lanka Army Preventive Medical Services and Consultant Community Physician, Sri Lanka Army Medical Services, we hear about the country’s experiences with its blended civil-military response to the pandemic.
  7. Linked Workshop: Strengthening the Delivery of Immunisation Services through PHC Platforms
    Linked held an in-person workshop with immunisation stakeholders from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Mongolia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan to share experiences, mitigating strategies, and good practices to address the challenges they are facing with delivery of immunisation services through primary health care (PHC) platforms, with the objective of strengthening service delivery to maintain, increase, or restore coverage levels. Explore country experiences and approaches to address a range of service delivery challenges in these workshop materials.
  8. Materials to Help You Make the Case for Investing in Immunisation
    This set of Making the Case for Investment in Immunisation materials enable immunisation practitioners to make their best case for additional funding for the national immunisation programme by drawing on the most up-to-date global evidence available. To provide guidance on how these materials could be used and adapted, we produced and launched a five-video tutorial series that walks through different scenarios of using the materials to identify key stakeholders, develop appropriate arguments, and present a case to increase funding for the national immunisation programme.
  9. Online Courses: Designing Behavioral Strategies for Immunisation
    Are you looking to build your skills around diagnosing barriers to immunisation demand and designing behavioral interventions to address vaccine hesitancy and demand generation challenges? Our online courses, developed in partnership with Common Thread, are suited for Ministry of Health staff and development partners in low- and middle-income countries to understand immunisation behavior and develop strategies that will generate demand. The course consists of three modules that are available for free in English, French, Portuguese, and Russian – learn more and sign up here!
  10. Video Case Studies Explore How to Create Empathy and Build Demand for Vaccines Among Vulnerable Groups
    These two video case studies detail the immunisation journeys of young mothers in the H’mong community of Yên Bái Province, Cha and Do, through short films that can be used for health worker capacity building. Their stories, captured in their own words, show how community engagement strategies can be used effectively to create empathy and build demand for vaccines among vulnerable groups. Access all the related materials, including the videos (available in English, French, Portuguese, and Russian), training facilitator’s guide, and launch webinar recording on our website.
BONUS RESOURCE: Clearing Immunisation Backlogs & Building Back Better in the Wake of COVID-19

In case you missed it, we’re also featuring a bonus resource, which includes a technical brief plus workshop materials, outlining primary stressors to immunisation programmes during the COVID-19 pandemic, successful mitigation strategies, and promising practices to clear immunisation backlogs that have built up over the last two years while continuing to provide routine immunisation services. Click below to read more about addressing service delivery disruptions, human resource challenges, community perceptions, and more, as well as how to ensure that children are not missed with immunisation services.

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