Linked Learning Engagement: Benefits and Implementation Considerations for Electronic Immunisation Registries (EIRs)


Understanding the benefits and challenges of electronic immunisation registries.


Effective and accurate reporting systems are key to  sustainable and equitable coverage. Country stakeholders can take some of the lessons learned from others to facilitate a smooth transition from paper-based to electronic systems.


The Linked Immunisation Action Network held a virtual learning engagement for countries in the Asia Pacific and Europe-Central Asia regions to gain a deeper understanding of electronic immunisation registries. The learning engagement aimed to answer the following learning objectives:

  1. What are the benefits and lessons learnt from using electronic immunisation , including those developed for COVID-19 vaccination, for routine immunisation?
  2. What are the implementation challenges (finance, technical expertise, training, digital infrastructure, etc.)?
  3. How do you facilitate a smooth transition from an existing paper-based system to an  EIR?
  4. How are EIRs implemented and managed when health delivery is largely the responsibility of the subnational level?

Session Recording

Session Slides: English

Key Takeaways Blog: English

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