UNICEF Immunization Financing in MENA Middle-Income Countries

Most Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries have high immunization coverage rates. But immunization coverage has dropped considerably in some (including Iraq, the Syrian Arab Republic and Yemen), due to the conflicts, instability and the prevailing geopolitical situation in the region. Approximately 1.3 million surviving infants in MENA missed their third dose of DTP vaccine in 2016. In many of the region’s countries, problems of equity persist, particularly concerning displaced populations, nomads, ethnic groups and marginalized urban populations.

This new report examines health financing and, within that, immunization financing and vaccine procurement in the MENA region with a focus on the middle-income countries. The key recommendations outlined in the report are: make the case for financing for new vaccine introductions; ensure immunization needs are considered in financing and institutional reforms; explore how to overcome barriers to using UNICEF Supply Division for new vaccine procurement; and understand the private sector’s role in order to strengthen its contributions.

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