WHO Inequality Monitoring in Immunization: A Step-by-Step Manual

This resource, Inequality monitoring in immunization: a step-by-step manual, applies the general steps of health inequality monitoring to the topic of immunization. The manual aims to serve as an introductory-level guide to build capacity for the uptake and improvement of inequality monitoring practices in immunization. Through this resource, we hope that regions, countries, districts and other jurisdictions will adopt regular reporting of immunization inequalities that, in turn, informs focused efforts to address situations of inequality. The outputs of inequality monitoring in immunization are particularly relevant to immunization program review and planning activities, such as the desk review stage of the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) Review and comprehensive multi-year strategic plans (cMYPs).

The manual is primarily written and designed for monitoring and evaluation officers for immunization and other interested readers who have basic knowledge and experience working with immunization data. It presents information in a practical and straightforward way, and links readers to further, more detailed information. Although inequality monitoring is described as a step-by-step process, in reality, the implementation of these steps is iterative in nature, and requires contextualization within the setting in which it is being applied. Throughout the monitoring process, readers may find themselves referring back to previous steps, or thinking through considerations at subsequent steps. Thus, readers may find it useful to review the entire manual prior to undertaking inequality monitoring activities.

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