Sabin’s Sustainable Immunization Financing (SIF) Program: A Decade of Sustainable Immunization Financing

Immunization is among the most impactful and cost-effective health investments a nation can make. However, with the introduction of new vaccines, the cost to vaccinate a child continues to rise. Many low- and middle-income countries that currently receive financial support for their immunization programs will no longer be eligible by 2020 due to their growing economies, and must therefore transition away from external financing and toward country ownership. From 2008-2018, Sabin’s Sustainable Immunization Financing (SIF) Program worked with 23 countries, providing a unique framework to assist countries as they committed to investing in their futures.

The report published at the conclusion of the SIF Program, A Decade of Sustainable Immunization Financing, catalogs the methods, accomplishments and lessons learned over the course of the SIF Program to inform other countries embarking on the important road to country ownership of their immunization programs. It presents a thorough analysis and successful models of the legislative process, financing mechanisms, budget advocacy and resource tracking methods observed throughout the duration of the program.

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