LNCT Workshop Resources: Financing and Managing Immunization Programs in Decentralized Contexts


April 20-22, 2021


  • How does decentralization affect the financing and implementation of immunization programs and what is the impact on the program’s coverage and equity goals?
  • What is the impact of decentralization on emergency response, such as in the case of COVID vaccine roll out?
  • What are common financial and programmatic challenges and opportunities for immunization programs in decentralized LNCT countries?
  • What strategies have countries successfully used to overcome or mitigate common decentralization-related challenges?


View the agenda as a PDF in English or French, or by clicking on the ‘+’ sign next to each day below.

Day 1: An Overview and Framing of Immunization in Decentralized Contexts
145 minWelcome and Introductions  
Ganiyu Salau, LNCT Steering Committee Member, Nigeria
Kim Harper, Gavi
235 minCoverage, Equity and Gavi Transition in Decentralized Contexts: Challenges and Opportunities  
Leah Ewald, LNCT Network Coordinator
330 minFacilitated discussion: Emergency response in decentralized contexts: The example of COVID-19  
Miloud Kaddar, LNCT Network Coordinator
430 minSmall group discussions: Decentralization challenges and opportunities
510 minTime to fill out workshop evaluation
65 minWrap up of Day 1
Day 2: Programmatic Sustainability in Decentralized Contexts
110 minWelcome to Day 2
220 minImmunization roles, responsibilities, and programmatic functions in decentralized contexts  
Jhoney Barcarolo, LNCT Network Coordinator
340 minPanel: Strategies for overcoming programmatic challenges   Nigeria’s MOU structure and Peer Learning Exchanges:
Dr. Bakunawa Garba Bello, Nigeria Delegation, and Raihanah Ibrahim, Solina
Aligning procurement and financing responsibilities in Pakistan
Dr. Soofia Yunus, Pakistan Delegation
Brazil’s lessons learned about emergency response in decentralized systems — COVID vaccine introduction
Cristiana Toscano, NITAG      
410 minIntroduction to collaborative problem solving process  
Leah Ewald, LNCT Network Coordinator
550 minCollaborative problem-solving session: Building local ownership and accountability for implementation of Nigeria’s Basic Health Care Provision Fund
Dr. Oritseweyimi Ogbe, Nigeria Delegation
610 minTime to fill out workshop evaluation
75 minWrap up of Day 2
Day 3: Financial Sustainability in Decentralized Contexts
110 minWelcome to Day 3
220 minUnderstanding immunization financial flows and financing in decentralized contexts  
Ravi Rannan-Eliya, LNCT Network Coordinator
355 minPanel: Strategies for overcoming financial challenges  
Featuring country experiences from Thailand and Pakistan
35 minIntroduction to Next Steps activity  
Leah Ewald, LNCT Network Coordinator
430 minNext Steps activity
510 minTime to fill out workshop evaluation
615 minWrap up of workshop  
Logan Brenzel, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and LNCT Steering Committee


Day 1 Materials

Presentation Slides: English | French

Day 2 Materials

Presentation Slides: English | French

Day 3 Materials

Presentation Slides: English | French

Other Materials

Workshop Report – English | Français | Português | русский

Blog: Takeaways from LNCT’s Virtual Workshop on Financing and Managing Resources in Decentralized Contexts – English


Koffi Benoît Soussoubié, Responsable administratif et Financier du PEV




Ouattara Fouyaton, Chef de service à la Direction des Affaires Financières due Ministère de la Santé




Taki Didier Gerard, Chef de Service Santé et Affaires Sociales





Kossia Yao, Directeur Coordonnateur Adjoint du PEV






Amanda Folsom
Miloud Kaddar
Raihanah Ibrahim
Leah Ewald
Ravi Rannan-Eliya
Dr. Bakunawa Garba Bello
Jhoney Barcarolo
Cristiana Toscano


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