WHO & Boost Supportive Supervision Workshop Series: The Vital Foundations & Enhanced Strategies

June 18, 2024 - June 25, 2024

Join the World Health Organization (WHO) and Boost for a multi-part workshop series launching Tuesday, June 18 at 9 AM EST//1 PM GMT, which will explore how data-driven and people-centered programs can increase vaccine uptake. The first two-part Supportive Supervision workshop series is intended for national and subnational immunisation supervisors and will delve into the vital foundations of the practice as well as enhanced strategies, including the following topics: observing an immunisation session; giving feedback and communication; conducting joint problem-solving; and providing performance support and follow-up.

Following the first session, participants will be asked to complete a short homework assignment and engage their peers in a Boost learning group. Participants who attend both sessions and complete all homework assignments and post-workshop surveys will receive a certificate of attendance.

We invite you to join us for interactive discussions and knowledge sharing during this workshop series!

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