Gavi Talks: Finding Zero-Dose Children

October 16, 2023

 16 October, 3-4pm CET / 9am EST/ 4pm EAT

Join two back-to-back sessions to learn about the findings from Gavi-commissioned studies, leveraging data and analytics to reach zero-dose children more effectively.

Session one: finding zero-dose children using predictive algorithms (3-3:30pm CET)

Harvard researchers commissioned by Gavi have completed a first of its kind study to develop an algorithm that can help us predict the whereabouts of zero-dose children. Using existing and universally accessible datasets from India, Mali and Nigeria, learn more about this “predictive algorithm” that can effectively identify zero-dose children to household-level accuracy.

Session two: how effective is school vaccination screening? Lessons from Zambia (3:30-4pm CET)

While policies to check vaccination status at school enrollment exist in many countries, they are not routinely implemented in low-resource settings. In a study commissioned by Gavi, Johns Hopkins researchers set out to see whether this “school screening” approach was a feasible way of finding and vaccinating under-immunised children in both rural and urban settings in Zambia. Join this webinar to learn more about the findings, and new lessons learned about filling immunity gaps.

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