Curatio International Foundation

Working for Better Health Systems


Who We Are

We aspire to improve people’s health through better functioning health systems. Hearing needs, building on local strength, promoting evidence-informed policies and delivering innovative context-specific solutions are our core values. Founded in Georgia in 1994, we have delivered over 150 projects worldwide.

Our Expertise

The CIF team is comprised of committed professionals who possess diverse backgrounds and expertise. Our multilingual team of health system experts and researchers has extensive experience working in various environments throughout the world.


Areas we work in

Leadership and Governance, Healthcare Financing, Health Management Information Systems, Service Delivery.

Services we provide

Health Policy Systems Research, Policy Analysis, Strategy and Policy Development, Program Design, Program Evaluation, Implementation Support, Implementation Research

Approach we use

Issue identification, Evidence sourcing/generation, Knowledge transfer, Evaluating processes/outcomes.


Our advantages

Our lean management processes and flexible, adaptable service model allows CIF to respond to the specific needs of our clients. We deliver high-quality results and output by efficiently utilizing today’s best practices, offering greater value for money.