Request for Quotes (RFQs): Technical Advisors for Linked Immunisation Action Network

The Opportunity:

The Linked Immunisation Action Network is looking for three technical advisors to support the following work:

  1. Sustainable introduction of critical vaccines, namely the PCV, HPV, and rotavirus vaccines – see posting here
  2. Prevention and mitigation of backsliding in vaccine coverage in former-Gavi and select never-Gavi eligible countries – see posting here
  3. Implementing Electronic Immunisation Registries (EIRs) – see posting here

The technical advisors will not be providing direct technical assistance, but instead will directly support the Network Facilitation Team. There may be relationship management with individual countries as requested, as well as collaboration with regional partners, including WHO and UNICEF.

Period of Performance:

1 February 2024 to 31 December 2024, with the possibility to extend into 2025. The expected commitment will be up to 35 working days.

Submission Deadlines:

Offerors must submit a quote with supporting documentation no later than 12 January 2024. Notification shall be sent via email to: with copy to

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