Submissions Open for Special Issue of Vaccines on Estimating Vaccines’ Value and Impact

Estimating the value and public health impact of vaccines is critical to ensure evidence-based policy decision making in nearly all stages, from vaccine development to the introduction/implementation of vaccines in low-resource settings. To foster public health equity, as well as estimate value to local and national economies, concerted efforts are needed to increase the understanding of the full value of vaccination. Such value goes beyond direct disease prevention and can, for example, include impacts on the life course of vaccinated recipients, on the wider community, and on entire health systems.

We are pleased to invite you to contribute with your research work to provide readers (e.g., member states, global policymakers, funding entities, and/or the vaccine R&D community) with insights on how the “full” value of vaccines can be assessed or was assessed by you. This can be carried out through concrete assessments that you undertook or by offering methodological advice that can help the growing community of researchers and implementers to inform as well as optimize responses to vaccine-preventable diseases.

In this Special Issue, original research articles and reviews are welcome. Research areas may include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Reviews
    • Full value of vaccine assessment concept and approaches;
    • Current estimation of value in the vaccine space and areas for improvement as well as expansion (e.g., equity, broader perspectives, etc.);
    • Standardization of methods to support robust assessments of the impact as well as value of vaccines.
  • Original research articles on
    • Full value of vaccine assessments;
    • Impact assessment of vaccination in low-resource settings;
    • Efforts to support policy decision making on vaccine introduction/prioritzation.

Learn more about submissions, including deadlines and information on where to submit, here.

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