APPLY NOW: WHO Scholar Level 1 Certification Course on Commitment and Demand for Vaccination

Do you want to learn about what drives vaccine uptake – and how to improve vaccination demand and coverage?

The World Health Organization (WHO) invites applications for the first cohort of the WHO Scholar Level 1 certification course on IA 2030 Strategic Priority 2 (SP2): commitment and demand.

The course content will focus on (1) what drives uptake of vaccines (2) practical steps and available tools to improve demand and equitable uptake of vaccines. This course will support participants to operationalize SP2 through the application of tools and strategies that are grounded in the IA2030 core principles: people-centered, country-owned, partnership-based, and data-guided.

Participants will walk away from this introductory course with a clear and actionable plan for improving demand and equitable vaccine coverage using the approaches outlined in the course content.

Applications are due Friday, October 7, 2022.

Learn more and apply now.

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