LNCT Reoriented to Focus on Immunisation Coverage and Vaccine Introduction

We are delighted to announce the launch of Gavi’s immunisation learning network for middle-income countries (MICs), called the Linked Immunisation Action Network (Linked). Representing an integral component of Gavi’s new strategic approach to engaging with MICs, the Linked Immunisation Action Network is an evolution of its predecessor, the Learning Network for Countries in Transition (LNCT – pronounced “linked”), which served as a platform for collaborative learning among countries transitioning out from Gavi support. LNCT brought together immunisation practitioners from over 20 countries to collectively solve problems and share lessons learned. This peer-to-peer learning approach has proven to be a valuable innovation, helping countries contextualize lessons and then apply them to their own situations.

Building upon the success of LNCT, the reoriented network is expanding its membership to include all countries that have transitioned from Gavi support as well as select countries that have never received Gavi support. And, in line with the objectives of Gavi’s MICs Approach, the Linked Immunisation Action Network will initially prioritize support to transitioned countries to identify practical solutions and best practices to mitigate and prevent decreases in immunisation coverage and drive sustainable introduction of key missing vaccines. The network will continue to provide a web platform through which anyone can access resources synthesizing country experiences and learnings addressing the most critical challenges faced by immunisation programmes.

The network will continue to be facilitated by Curatio International Foundation (CIF), the Institute for Health Policy (IHP), and Results for Development (R4D). We look forward to continuing this journey with you as we work to support countries to strengthen immunisation programmes and improve sustainability and equity, and we invite you to share questions, requests, and suggestions for the reoriented network.

Learn more about the reoriented network in this one-page explainer brief and check out the updated Who We Are and What We Do pages on our website, which provide more information about the reoriented network. Keep a look out for updates on new content and learning engagements coming soon!

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