Want to Talk to Experts About Your Vaccine Hesitancy and Demand Issues? Sign Up Now for Upcoming Office Hours with Behavioral Design Experts from Common Thread!

Is your country experiencing urgent vaccine hesitancy or demand issues as a result of COVID-19? LNCT is pleased to offer you an opportunity to talk with behavioral scientists, public health experts, communicators, and designers from Common Thread about these issues during an upcoming “office hour” session in August.

How to sign up:
LNCT countries can sign up for a one-hour “office hour” slot. If you are interested, please send an email to LNCT Network Coordinators at info@lnct.global with the following information:

  • A brief description of the key topic/challenge that you would like to discuss.
  • Please attach any relevant data, guidelines, or documents that you would like Common Thread to review in advance.
  • Any local or regional partners who are supporting you in this area and whether you would like them to be invited to the session.

How the sessions will work:

  • LNCT Network Coordinators will follow up with you to schedule your one-hour office hour session.
  • If another LNCT country expresses interest in a similar topic, it is likely that we will combine the sessions to maximize cross-country learning.
  • If needed, interpretation in any of the LNCT languages (English, French, Portuguese, or Russian) will be provided upon request.

Possible discussion topics:

Countries can propose any topic that is relevant to vaccine hesitancy and demand issues occurring in their country. Some examples may include:

  • Developing a crisis communications plan
  • Establishing a strategy for increasing demand among vulnerable populations
  • Creating health worker training materials to reduce health worker hesitancy
  • Addressing COVID-19 vaccine myths and misinformation

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