Thank you for your contributions

As I prepare to step back from LNCT, I want to thank all our members for their engagement and contributions to the network. Thank you for generously taking time to join webinars, contribute to blogs, and participate in workshops to mutually exchange information, sharing your challenges and successes so we may all learn from them. To meet the challenges of this year, we conducted our first virtual workshop, "Engaging Private Providers to Support Immunization," created a webpage compiling resources for immunization under COVID-19, and presented several webinars devoted to COVID-related topics. LNCT will continue to offer support that is targeted to the challenges you are facing. I am also thankful that LNCT will be in good hands with our excellent team – Elizabeth Ohadi, Leah Ewald, Christina Shaw, and Leah List – with the addition of Amanda Folsom, who will be leading the transition and recruitment for new leadership. Amanda brings valuable insights from her years of experience leading the Joint Learning Network for UHC. It has truly been a privilege to work with you, and I look forward to crossing paths in the years ahead.