Hear From Peers in LNCT Countries on How They’re Funding COVID-19 Vaccination

Are you interested in hearing from peers in LNCT countries on how they're funding COVID-19 vaccination, the fiscal impacts of COVID-19, lessons to mobilize for the next emergency, and how to leverage COVID response for health system strengthening? Between July and August 2021, LNCT administered a targeted survey around COVID-19 financing to its members and supplemented this information with key informant interviews with country representatives from Georgia, Nigeria, and Sri Lanka. The objectives of this data collection were to understand the challenges faced by countries in financing COVID-19 vaccine introduction and routine immunization during the pandemic and identify strategies countries were successfully using to meet their immunization funding needs. LNCT Network Coordinators put together a brief and companion slide deck that summarize the survey results, and a pre-recorded video featuring our regional partners – Curatio International Foundation and the Institute for Health Policy - discussing the survey results and reflecting on the immunization financing impact of COVID on LNCT countries. Make sure to check out all the materials in our resource library here.