Focus Area: <span>Vaccine forecasting and planning</span>

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How to Cost an Immunization Campaign


Examining evidence on what it costs to conduct an immunization campaign.


Field researchers, country practitioners, and other stakeholders can use these materials to estimate the costs of different immunization campaigns and inform more accurate financial planning, budgeting, and resource mobilization.


The Immunization Costing Action Network (ICAN) has developed methodological guidance to improve evidence generation on what it costs to conduct an immunization campaign,


VPPN Webinar: Dose Per Container: The effects of switching to 5-dose vials on vaccine procurement



Key learning objectives: To discuss the comparative effects of switching from 10 to 5-dose vials of MR vaccine on vaccine coverage, wastage, dropouts, session size and frequency, storage and distribution and how this applies to other vaccines To provide first-hand country experiences in shifting to 5-dose vials To discuss in plenary the decision-making process in … Continued

VPPN Webinar Resources: How to use Forecasting as an Instrument to Improve Your Planning Processes

In May 2020, the Vaccine Procurement Practitioners Network held a knowledge sharing session on How to Use Vaccine Forecasting as an Instrument to Improve Your Planning Processes with experiences from Morocco . The knowledge sharing session addressed the following issues:

  • Raise awareness about the importance of forecasting
  • Discuss options to strengthen the strategic, tactical and operational planning horizons
  • Introduce options to ensuring a dynamic forecast process
  • Identify key parameters when forecasting in a crisis: COVID-19 as a case

Presentation slides: English

Questions and answers summary: English


Practitioner Perspectives: Tbilisi Vaccine Procurement Workshop Interview Series – Dilorom Tursunova (1 of 4)

During our regional vaccine procurement workshop, which took place in Tbilisi, Georgia in April 2019, we sat down with a few participants to hear about their experiences related to topics ranging from vaccine forecasting, vaccine budgeting, and vaccine regulatory issues. This interview (first in a series of 4) is with Dilorom Tursunova, Deputy Chief of the … Continued

LNCT-VPPN 2019 Regional Vaccine Procurement Workshop Tbilisi Resources

The Learning Network for Countries in Transition (LNCT) and the UNICEF Vaccine Procurement Practitioners Network (VPPN) co-hosted its first regional procurement workshop in Tbilisi, Georgia. LNCT members Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Uzbekistan joined fellow VPPN members North Macedonia and Serbia for three days of focused exchange around vaccine registration and regulatory issues, forecasting and budgeting, procurement options, and conducting performance assessments.


LNCT Webinar Resources: Vaccine Forecasting and Budgeting Tools and Best Practices

The LNCT webinar, ‘Vaccine Forecasting and Budgeting Tools and Best Practices,’ took place on 2 July 2018. The webinar materials were presented by Souleymane Koné, Technical Officer – Vaccine Management and Logistics, World Health Organization (WHO). Included here are the presentation materials used for the webinar.

Session Slides: English | Français  | Portugués  | русский